Tips on how retailers can make the best of lighting III

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What works best for one may not work for another. Many large fashion chains in Europe are not make the best of everything that lighting can offer. One example of a fashion store that has woken up to the benefits of good lighting is Desigual, whose distinctive clothing has clear personality that emphasizes different colors and styles and requires flexibility from one season to another. Therefore Desigual uses specialized lighting in all its stores, in line with the image that it wants to portray, therefore giving the store character and making the brand easily recognizable all over the world, either from the inside or the outside.

Another part of the retail sector which is paying more attention to lighting includes the supermarkets and large department stores. Large supermarkets are compartmentalizing their product zones more and more, differentiating the clothing or pharmacy areas from the food or cleaning products, emphasizing the positioning of furnishings and products by the use of lighting. The aim is to draw customers in and make them feel that they are really in a clothes store or pharmacy and not in a giant supermarket.

Shopping centers are normally plain and well-lit. This general lighting allows the stores and brands to play with their own lighting strategies to make their products stand out. A prime example is the case of Carolina Herrera whose sections within large department stores have their own furnishings and LED lighting, emphasizing the unique personality that the brand wants to transmit.