Tips on how retailers can make the best of lighting I

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Both large department chain stores and smaller retailers usually fail to utilize the different options for interior and exterior lighting. Changes in brightness, filters, and the temperature or positioning of the lights can increase sales, emphasizing one product above the others, or highlighting its color characteristics.

Different lighting causes consumers to feel different emotions: feelings of comfort, perceptions of freshness, etc. Spatial perception can be altered using variations in the colour temperature, brightness, and intensity of lighting. The same factors can also be used to create different emotions, inviting consumers to buy.

Despite the current fashion for neuromarketing, the retail sector has yet to utilize lighting as a resource. According to experts in visual merchandising and lighting for the retail trade, stores are already switching traditional, incandescent lights for LED light bulbs in the search for economy, but they have yet to change the number of spotlights or redesign their layouts.