Taiwanese LED makers are entering UV and IR LED niche markets

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Despite leading the global LED component market in 2014, Taiwanese LED manufacturers are entering Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) LED niche markets. According to a report, Taiwanese LED component market value reached US $4.7 billion in 2014, and has a 24% global market share.

Even though Taiwanese LED manufacturers have retained top spot in the LED component market sector, many are developing niche market products to differentiate their products from competitors. Taiwanese LED manufacturers are developing these products on the back of their strong GaN, AlInGaP and AlGaAs technology foundations. UV LED applications have broadened as LED technology advances to include the detection of counterfeited money, UV curing, insect trapping, printing, and even sterilization. It is estimated that the UV LED market will rise 20% annually in the next few years.

The IR LED market is also a sector with very broad application market that covers cars, computer mouse, smartphone, telecommunication, surveillance, remote controls and medical applications. Some of these applications will be displayed at the TILS 2015. UV and IR LED epiwafer manufacturers will gather at the show, including industry heavyweights. In the UV/IR LED area, biophotonic devices, displays, 3D printing and fiber-optic communication applications will also be displayed.