Scotland investing in LED lighting to reduce electric bills

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Scottish Futures Trust , a public corporation of the Scottish Government to improve public infrastructure investment, has developed a tool to allow local authorities calculate the savings from switching to LED streetlights. Supported by the Scottish Government through its Resource Efficient Scotland (RES) program, the toolkit also calculates what level of investment is required by the council to replace its old lights with new LED fittings.

The Head of Roads and Transportation Services with South Lanarkshire Council said that they have developed a detailed proposal to invest some £20 million in new LED lamps over 3 years. And Scottish Futures Trust's toolkit provides them with the technical information that allows they to evaluate and verify options and support the development of a business case which they hope will allow millions in future savings to be reinvested in upgrading their wider street lighting infrastructure.

Scottish Futures Trust predicts councils using the toolkit and investing in LED light bulbswill pay less for electricity in 25 years time than they do now. Across Scotland, there are nearly 900,000 streetlights costing local authorities £41million in annual electricity charges. The streetlights also impact on the environment by releasing 199,091 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere each year.

Once the energy efficiency measures have been implemented, councils can take comfort from the fact that in 25 years' time they will still be paying less for electricity than what they currently pay. In addition to the many millions they save over the next 25 years could be used to support and maintain vital local services.