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Introducing New LED Technology at Light + Building Frankfurt!

Posted By: administrator Mar 14,2018 in Company news

The 2018 Light + Building fair is right around the corner, WELLMAX will be attending the exhibition from March 18th - 23rd. WELLMAX will debut a newly develope... > MORE



How to Protect LED Bulbs Against Power Surge? This New Technology May be A Solution

Posted By: administrator Mar 12,2018 in Company news

LED technology has been widely adopted in lighting because it is highly energy efficient and durable. On the other hand, LED lamps contain a number of delicate... > MORE



Get this Automatic Dimming High Power LED Bulb Today

Posted By: administrator Mar 07,2018 in Company news

WELLMAX s Smart LED - Radar Induction Rocket LED Bulb has been a star product since 2017 exhibitions because of its innovative motion sensor technology. This p... > MORE



​Stay Tuned for the Most Innovative LED Bulbs on Light + Building Frankfurt

Posted By: administrator Mar 01,2018 in Company news

On March 18th, Light + Building Frankfurt, the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology, is to open in Frankfurt, Germany. Aft... > MORE

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Statistics Show a Steady Growth of LED Bulbs on Global Market

Posted By: administrator Dec 21,2017 in Industry news

According to the latest release of 2016-2017 Monthly Report on Chinas LED Lighting Exports, Chinas exports of LED lighting products amounted to $1.38 billion i... > MORE



China's LED Market is Expected to Reach $24 Billion by 2024

Posted By: administrator Dec 15,2017 in Industry news

By 2024, China’s LED lighting market is estimated to surpass $24 Billion. With the development of China’s economy, demand for energy saving LED lighting is a... > MORE



LED Lighting Market Analysis And Global Opportunity

Posted By: administrator Sep 15,2017 in Industry news

LED that has the potential to fundamentally change the future of lighting is a highly energy saving lighting technology . It is quite different from CFLs and o... > MORE



Top 6 Market Trend In Chinese LED Chip And Package Industry

Posted By: administrator Jul 21,2017 in Industry news

● Chinese LED package market scale in 2016 reached RMB 58.9 billion, went up by 6% YoY, higher than expected,according to the latest report from LEDinside, a ... > MORE