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Leading Trade Fairs for over 30 Years, What is New in WELLMAX at the Upcoming Autumn Exhibitions?

Posted By: administrator Sep 21,2018 in Company news

Shanghai Wellmax Lighting (WELLMAX), which has a 31-year history in lighting industry, has been participating in the Canton Fair since its establishment. Every... > MORE



CE Standard LED Light Bulb for Power Outage or Emergency!

Posted By: administrator Sep 19,2018 in Company news

WELLMAXs Emergency LED bulb works like a normal light bulb with an amazing bonus feature. It has an innovative battery backup system inside that provides you e... > MORE



High Quality LED Tube with SAMSUNG LED inside

Posted By: administrator Sep 18,2018 in Company news

WELLMAXs LED tube is one of our top-selling products on global market for its stable performance and long lifetime. Equipped with SAMSUNG LED chip, this EMC st... > MORE



Event Alert! WELLMAX Will Attend the Autumn Canton Fair and HK Int'l Lighting Fair

Posted By: administrator Sep 17,2018 in Company news

The Autumn Canton Fair and HK Intl Lighting Fair are coming next month, we are excited to announce that WELLMAX will be participating the two events this time ... > MORE

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Global LED lighting market scale will reach US$ 33.3 billion in 2019

Posted By: administrator Aug 17,2018 in Industry news

The market value of LED lighting has continuously expanded in the past years with the progress of the technology. LED lighting market scale will reach US$ 33.3... > MORE



United Nations Aims to Eradicate Inefficient Incandescent Bulbs

Posted By: administrator Jul 06,2018 in Industry news

Partners in a new United Nations-led initiative want to ensure that as the most inefficient light bulbs disappear from retailers shelves in the United States a... > MORE



What's right for your warehouse lighting?

Posted By: administrator Jun 27,2018 in Industry news

When thinking about the creation and adaptation of environments in a project, it is important to attend to the practical elements. Although a well-designed spa... > MORE



Statistics Show a Steady Growth of LED Bulbs on Global Market

Posted By: administrator Dec 21,2017 in Industry news

According to the latest release of 2016-2017 Monthly Report on Chinas LED Lighting Exports, Chinas exports of LED lighting products amounted to $1.38 billion i... > MORE