LED market is complex but promising II

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Governmental measures are clearly welcome, as the technology is still considered expensive by the public. Even though we saw a real breakthrough for LED technology from 2006~2014, upfront LED costs are still high compared to existing technologies. Today, the real growth is in external lighting applications where LED technology is partially implemented. Commercial and industrial lighting players are also considering LED technology but today implementation is still developing.

In 2015, technical issues are different to previous years. They are mainly located at the LED module level. Therefore, LED market leaders are developing answers to packaging and integration needs. The report has detailed the positive impact of advanced packaging technologies on LED manufacturing, especially LED packaging materials.

Among the fastest growing product sectors within the industrial semiconductor market will be optical LEDs, which will attain 12.4% growth, IHS said. The use of LEDs for general-lighting applications is propelling expansion of this area. Demand for general-lighting LEDs is so strong that as lighting outperformed other applications like televisions, some LEDs originally intended for TVs are being sold to the general-lighting market.