LED bulbs surge dimmed by halogen lamp

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In the recent years, the development of LED bulbs has been surprisingly fast and powerful. However, according to an inter-governmental report, energy-efficient LED bulbs’energy-saving effects are being delayed by an EU proposal to lengthen the shelf life of energy guzzling halogen lamps from 2016~2018.

According to a leading efficiency standards and labelling group, which contributed to the test report by the Swedish energy agency, Belgian government and the European council for an energy efficient economy (ECEEE), the result could be 8.6 billion of lost efficiency savings.

Nearly 50% of the LED lamps surveyed for cost and performance in 2014 out-stripped the commission’s 2016 predictions, and one was cheaper than the projected price for 2020. However, more energy-efficient bulb sales continue to lag behind the same commission predictions, as customers keep choosing halogen bulbs that are around £1.50 cheaper than their LED equivalents. The halogen lamp lifespans though can be hugely shorter, with knock-on effects for greenhouse gas emissions and energy prices.