LED bulbs have an huge impact on Indian energy conservation schemes

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The incandescent bulb has given way to the CFLs which is more energy-efficient. The CFL will be phased out gradually by the LEDs. According to industry insider, the arrival of LED bulbs in the market is expected to have an impressive impact on Indian energy conservation schemes.

For the LED prices, LED lights which cost Rs.1,500 earlier are now available at Rs.500, and the prices are expected to come down further. On the other hand, about the reliability of the LED light, though many of the companies are outsourcing the LED light from countries such as China, there are reputed companies in India which ensure quality in the outsourced material. There are companies which guarantee 15,000 hours of working for LED lamps, almost thrice that of CFLs.

People who want to switch over to LED would have to be weary of duplicates and sub-standard lights. Both superior and inferior quality materials are available in the market. Some of the well known brands are outsourcing LED lights from countries like China, but that country has units which make material of high quality though sub-standard material could also be sourced from there by the importing companies with a view to offering low-cost products.