LED Bulbs Gain On CFLs In Lighting Market In The U.S.

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CFL bulbs, the market leader since most incandescent bulbs were phased out in 2014, are gradually giving way to LED lights. A new survey shows that LED bulbs gaining on CFL bulbs as consumers increasingly buy them and find them preferable.

According to a survey by KRC Research, While LED light bulbs fell behind other types of bulbs in past surveys, the 2015 survey reveals that now more are aware of LED bulbs and purchasing them for their homes.

CFLs remain the bulb of choice for most consumers, despite complaints about their light quality (they illuminate gradually) and the small amount of mercury that they contain. 53% of those polled reported having bought CFLs for their homes in 2014, compared to 41% who had purchased LED light bulbs.

But survey results also indicate that CFLs may lose that lead in the near future. The CFLs were the preference for 37% of the respondents when they buy bulbs again, with LED lights were just behind, at 35%.