LED bulbs are the 3rd revolution in the history of lighting technology

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With many advantages, including efficiency, life expectancy, durability, safety and energy savings, LED light bulbs are seen as the third revolution in the history of lighting technology, after incandescent lights and fluorescent lights.

A research project on measuring the efficiency of 4250 LED lights in 35 places found that LED lights saved 3.4 million kwh of electricity every year. LED users said they felt more comfortable because the light generated was similar to daylight.

LED is a special type of semiconductor diode which can generate a narrow spectrum. LED lamps can create different colors, depending on the semiconductor materials used and operating conditions.Plants grow rapidly, safely with LED lamps. With LED lamps, scientists use two beams of light. The LED spectrum almost coincides with the absorption spectrum of the chlorophyll of plants. Thus, the plants can absorb the light energy at maximum level and turn the LED light energy into cellular energy.