Indian state power department to supply LED Bulb at Rs10

<< Go Back Posted By:administrator on Mar 26,2015in Industry News

Indian Uttar Pradesh State power department to launch a scheme to provide LED bulbs to household consumers at nominal cost throughout Varansi in April and Sangam in May. Every household that has a monthly power consumption of less than 200 units, will be provided with up to 5 LED bulbs under the scheme.

The 7-Watt LED bulbs that generally cost Rs104 ($3.31) will be given to consumers at an initial cost of Rs10 per bulb, and the remaining amount will be adjusted through bills. Those with a power consumption of above 200 units will be given 10 LED bulbs, and the cost realization measures will also be implemented.

Varanasi will than be extended to 19 other cities in the state, including the 6 zones of Purvanchal. Each of these LED bulbs would be better than what is available in the market at the cost of Rs 700 and will serve the purpose of a 14-Watt CFL. The bulbs will have a warranty of 3 years and a life span over 10 years.

The state will set up 50 distributing centers in Sangam city, located on the premises of power substations and some in public places. An internet system is set up to ensure consumers do not purchase beyond the set state and city’s quota, and keeps track of the amount of the light bulbs purchased.