Indian lighting market driven by LED streetlight projects

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There has been a lot of activity in the Indian LED market over 2014, as Indian states and municipals launch mega streetlight upgrade projects. The Indian LED market, which is valued at $100 million in 2012 will see exponential growth, as the government rolls out more streetlight upgrade projects. On August 26th, 2014, the country’s Union ministry of urban development announced a proposal of replacing 27.5 million streetlights to LED and help the country slash over 5,000 MW of electricity consumption over 3 years.

Many Indian states and municipalities have announced plans of replacing less energy-efficient lighting with LEDs. Recently, Indian capital New Delhi has announced a pilot project to replace 500, 000 streetlights with LED lights. However, delays in streetlight replacements caused issues in a couple of states.

The LED market in India is largely driven by government demands for streetlight upgrade projects, which is estimated to be nearly 51%. Other incentives launched by the government include India’s Bureau of Energy Efficiency and Energy Efficiency Services Limited decision to sell LED bulbs at less than Rs. 10 to promote cheap LED lighting to communities living in poverty.