Increasing U.S. consumers to buy smart LED bulbs

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It is estimated that shipments of all smart wireless lighting products will reach 400 million by 2019. Smart LED bulbs will make up the majority of the shipments at this time.

According to a recently completed survey by ON World, with dozens of available products and costs dropping rapidly, smart lighting has quickly be the most popular smart home application. Consumer interest in smart LED bulbs has increased hugely and this has benefited smart home automation and control systems providers.

ON World's April 2015 consumer survey with 1,000+ U.S. consumers found that 1 in 5 either already own or are likely to buy smart wireless LED bulbs within the next 2 years. The survey also found that 29% would be willing to pay US$20 or more for a smart wireless LED bulb.

From the analysis of 257 smart lighting products and 20,000 consumer reviews, adoption for smart LED bulbs rose by 30 times between 2012 and 2014. Due to growing demand for smart LED bulbs, ratings for products using ZigBee increased the fastest with 238% more in 2014 compared with 2013.