Egypt to distribute 1.7 million LED light bulbs in 2015

<< Go Back Posted By:administrator on Jul 03,2015in Industry News

According to report, a source within Egypt’s Electricity Ministry has disclosed plans of distributing 1.7 million LED light bulbs in the next 4 months. The source indicated that the light bulbs will be distributed in 9 governorates in Egypt to tackle the country’s energy crisis.

Blackouts have been increasingly common in the country since the Egyptian Revolution in 2011. The Electricity Ministry spokesperson recently urged Egyptian citizens to use LED light bulbs, keep air conditions above 25°C to help conserve energy, and avoid operating all electrical devices at once.

The country’s national electricity grid capacity reached 32,000MW, which is enough to meet the highest demands during summer. And Egypt’s peak period in Ramadan (from sunrise to sunset) will reach 28,000MW.