Efficacy&price trend forecast for LED light, CFL, incandescent light II

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Nevertheless, the majority of American families still believe that the price of LED bulbs is much higher than 40W or 60W incandescent bulbs. They would rather buy fluorescent bulbs than LED bulbs. But as the prediction of U.S. Energy Information Administration, this situation would change in 2020 as the price of LED bulb would be very close to that of incandescent bulbs.

U.S. Energy Information Administration also believes that LED bulb's efficiency will reach over 150 lumens / watt in 2020, which is 10 times higher compared to that of conventional incandescent. Additionally, LED bulb's service life is up to 30 years, which might change people's point of view on lighting product selection.

From now to 2020, halogen incandescent lighting is still applicable to general lighting purposes. But after 2020, it might have to face the same fate as fluorescent bulb's. As to the development of lighting technology and the decreasing cost, LED light bulbs would be very likely to replace conventional lighting in U.S. in 2025. LED lighting would be a trend.