Efficacy&price trend forecast for LED light, CFL, incandescent light I

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U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts that the price of LED light is almost close to that of fluorescent light or incandescent light by 2020. At that time, incandescent lights are probably eliminated as they could not meet the energy-saving standards in next few years.

On Jan.1ST 2014, the U.S. banned the production and sales of 40W and 60W incandescent bulbs; but many American families store lots of these traditional bulbs before the ban. Probably, 75W and 100W conventional light bulbs would also become one part of the ban.

Due to the the federal standards and development on lighting technology, the bulbs' quality sees a great improvement; the service life and lighting efficiency also increase a lot accordingly. Thus, although people may spend more on buying LED bulbs, LED bulbs would save more on electricity cost than conventional bulbs.