Eco label mislead consumers into buying light bulbs

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An investigation conducted by an environmental group has found that "Eco" branded light bulbs are not as energy-efficient as advertised in stores across the EU. Following a survey of shops in Belgium, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, the environmental group revealed that halogen bulbs branded as “eco” consume in fact tenfold more energy than the latest LED bulbs.

The eco label, as defined by the European Commission, is meant to represent products with a reduced environmental impact compared with other products in the same product group. However, companies label the majority of halogen bulbs as "eco" when in fact they fall under the lowest energy efficiency classes. The effect is people think they are getting energy savers, when in fact they are buying the worst bulbs on the market.

But the environmental group is now considering taking legal action against the companies that mislead consumers into buying light bulbs branded as energy savers. It has already launched a complaint in France and Denmark, and it plans to do the same in Germany.