Declining LED bulb prices cut down Thai government incentives

<< Go Back Posted By:administrator on Jun 29,2015in Industry News

Recently, Thailand Minister of Energy said that Ministry of Energy has no intention of issuing new LED incentives for 2015.

LED bulb and LED tube prices have hugely fallen in the Thailand LED market making existing incentives to encourage consumers to switch to LEDs. Surge of LED players onto the global market especially from Taiwan and China has been part of the cause of the plummeting LED bulb prices witnessed in Thailand.

To illustrate how much LED bulb and LED tube prices have spiraled, Electricity Generating Authority Thailand (EGAT) boxed Level No.5 LED bulbs 5W E27 are now sold for 115 Thai baht ($3.44), said Governor of EGAT in a interview. After EGAT implemented Level No.5 LED project, LED tube lights on average are selling for 500 Thai Bah.