Chinese LED lighting suppliers face more difficult future II

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Large manufacturers sales are estimated to be pretty good in 2015, but net profits did not improve much in 2014. If small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) don’t have technological or cost advantages, and is just entering the market like everyone else, it will be very hard for them. When the industry is restructured to a certain level, than the number of manufacturers, quality, will reach an equilibrium and improve the situation.

Professional and specialist SMEs will survive, while those without specialty SMEs will just be following market trends, and will find it difficult to survive. There certainly will be even more manufacturers that go into hiding or declare insolvency in 2015.

Manufacturers were also affected by leading international manufacturers changing strategies. At a deeper level, the main reason is conventional lighting industry has been marginalized, and will be merged by electronics, residential, construction materials and other industries. In the future, LED lighting manufacturers will need to improve products, businesses, services and management model.