Statistics Show a Steady Growth of LED Bulbs on Global Market

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According to the latest release of "2016-2017 Monthly Report on China's LED Lighting Exports", China's exports of LED lighting products amounted to $1.38 billion in October 2017, a year-on-year growth of 2.8%, and $1.9 billion in November, a year-on-year growth of 12%. From the export value of the past 11 months of 2017, the overall growth is on a steady upward trend.

In terms of product type, LED light bulbs accounted for the largest export quantity in the past two months, mainly sold to markets such as United States, Brazil, Japan, Russia and France. LED ceiling lights ranked second, exporting to United States, Vietnam, England, Malaysia and Japan. LED panel lights ranked the third, with top buyers from the United States, Singapore, England, India and Germany.

LED market trends

Top 10 export products in October, 2017 (unit: $million dollars)

The top three export destination countries in the past two months are the United States, Germany and England. Among them, the U.S. is significantly ahead of other countries/regions. It accounted for 22.5% of China's total exports in October, with purchasing value over $366 million, and 24% of total exports in November, with purchasing value over $452 million.

LED market trends

Top 10 export destination countries in Oct. 2017 (unit: $million dollars)

Compared with the same period of last year, the number of total exporting destinations increased from 219 to 226. Brazil and Russia, the two BRIC countries, have largely increased their purchasing values, spearheaded in the top 10 countries. This indicates that more emerging countries are gradually taking an important position in China's LED export market.

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