3 LED lighting trends in Lighting Japan 2015

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Lighting Japan 2015 continued to feature Asian LED technologies, material, equipment and lighting developments that the global industry has been closely following. The exhibition also featured next generation lighting designs including LED and OLED light sources.

1. Market optimistic about UV lighting and related components

The market demand in the UV LED sector is very diverse. Aside from UV LED applications, white LED products developed using UV LEDs with phosphor powder will also be commercialized. The concept is similar to white light created in fluorescent lamps, which is generated from the stimulation of fluorescent powder with UV lights.

2. Emergency LED luminaires target Japanese government sector

At the show, manufacturers have also released LED tubes with in-built lithium batteries, that can continue to operate for eight to 10 hours. Emergency lighting is a necessity for government and public buildings in the earthquake prone Japanese market, thus there has been high level adoption of the lights. Hospitals and government organizations are some of the public infrastructures that have adopted the LED tube lights.

3. Insect repellent luminaires

Japanese manufacturers have also launched insect repellent LED bulbs. The specific wavelength emitted by the bulbs can drive insects away from crops.